About Our Art & Design College

Who We Are – An Entrepreneurship School for Art and Design Students

At Virginia Marti College of Art & Design, we are dedicated to each student’s education, growth, and career. Aspiring designers thrive with our small school atmosphere and hands-on learning.

VMCAD is a nationally accredited, two-year career college for students ready to advance. Our specialized, project-based curriculum and hands-on training prepare students to compete in the creative fields with the most dynamic growth potential.  We offer accredited degrees in Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design, and Fashion Merchandising.

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Our instructors are practicing industry professionals, who combine knowledge and experience with individual attention to help students achieve their career goals. Our graduates stand out, entering their careers with strong creative vision, technical skills, and work experience through the college’s internship programs.

Success in a desired field requires years of dedication and hard work. The college cultivates this work ethic by promoting a positive attitude, collaboration, drive, motivation, and the value of all people. The curriculum reinforces strong basic skills to widen each person’s unique design potential.

This respect for diversity is visible in our student body. Students are treated with dignity and respect, giving our graduates a firm foundation upon which to build a future in the design industries.

Our Mission

We strive to meet the needs of students and employers by offering educational programs in fields with dynamic growth potential. The main objective of all programs offered by Virginia Marti College of Art and Design is to prepare students to be highly successful and productive. We empower them with knowledge and hands-on experience from instructors in that field. The knowledge students acquire expands after graduation through further practical experience and on-the-job training.

VMCAD serves the needs of all high school graduates seeking an alternate setting to a traditional college or university. The character and strength of Virginia Marti College of Art and Design is reflected in the small faculty-to-student ratio and individual attention. Our faculty is committed to offering a specialized and current curriculum in each program.

We recognize that success in a desired field requires years of dedication and hard work. The college emphasizes the basics: a positive attitude, drive and motivation, and the worth of all people. It is sensitive to the diversity of cultural and ethnic backgrounds represented in its student body. The College operates on the belief that all individuals should be treated with dignity and respect, giving its graduates a firm foundation upon which to build a future in the fashion, art, and design industries.


Virginia Marti College of Art and Design is a fully-accredited*, two-year career college. VMCAD students benefit from the small class sizes and individual attention of creative industry professionals.

Whether it is Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, or Fashion Merchandising, VMCAD students establish a solid foundation of career-specific skills and knowledge. As a result, graduates are prepared for a variety of entry-level positions as they begin their careers in their respective fields.

*VMCAD is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.