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Our Grads

Amanda Destro, 2006
Graphic Designer
Pulsar Paper

Amanda creates products that help other people unleash their creativity… and her own at the same time! Since graduating VMCAD in 2006, Amanda Destro has been a senior Graphic Designer for Pulsar Products. She designs scrapbooking and crafting products for a common brand name. She jumps between several projects daily, often using a different design style on each project. Her products are sold on TV, reaching more than 90 million homes, more than 70 cruise ships in every ocean around the world and even airing on closed circuit television in local craft stores.

Amanda says VMCAD gave her the training, the portfolio and the confidence to succeed in this competitive industry.  “I came to Virginia Marti to make myself more marketable as a designer,” Amanda says. “I became used to heavy work loads and tight deadlines, which carries over into my work life frequently now. Having different teachers asking for different styles and ways of thinking helped broaden my own design style and really increased the quality of work I was creating. I was challenged at VMC to constantly do more work and better work than what was required, and I took every opportunity I was given to compete for awards and freelance work.”

Amanda made the most out of her time at VMCAD. She worked on freelance projects, designing a 40th anniversary logo for the school, and worked with clients on projects outside the college. She says Graphic Design is a competitive industry, but one that anyone can excel in with the right training and hard work.

“I’d like to show you how working for a small company in a big industry is both hard work and fun at the same time,” Amanda says. “I’ll show you that even as a professional, I still love what I do.”


Kimberly Roth, 2008
Graphics Coordinator
Penton Media

My time at VMC shines among the best times of my life. When I started, I wasn’t sure I had the skills to become a graphic designer. I was coming from a background without software skills, and I was also lacking in other areas (Art Fundamentals really made a difference). I feel that the instructors were both supportive and tough at the same time, the standards were high and the feedback was invaluable. During the two years I spent there, I really blossomed as a designer and really surprised myself with what I was able to accomplish- it gave me the confidence in my skills and myself to the point that I felt comfortable entering into such a competitive marketplace. The job leads I received from the college were responsible for me finding the opportunities of both my former and current job, and the staff is always really good about forwarding opportunities that you might not otherwise hear about


Aaron Wilhelm, 2002
Graphic Designer
Brand Muscle

I graduated Graphic Design at VMCAD and have been in the field for 8 years. Just recently I’ve started classes for Web Design at VMCAD to transition my career from print to web. One of the main selling points at VMCAD is “Smaller Class sizes.” Due to the smaller class size I have an easier access to Instructors and get my questions answered quicker.


Taryn Householder, 2002
Graphic Designer
Par One

100%. That is the amount of my degree I have used from VMCAD. The knowledgeable instructors and small, intimate class settings gave me the confidence and tools I have needed to succeed in my profession. The atmosphere also introduced me to many colleagues and created valuable friendships that have lasted over the years.”


Laura Gunkelman, 2005
Graphic Designer

Virginia Marti College is more than just a design school, it’s a lifestyle. Learning in a hands on environment with one on one interaction allowed me to learn the skills I needed to succeed as well as remember them. I have two degrees from VMCAD and I’m currently using three that are available! Once you start…you won’t stop!


Zack Barton, 2004
Online Operations
Footwear etc

Virginia Marti professors sometimes felt more like friends to me. In my opinion, it’s better learn in a small, private setting than in a large auditorium full of students. If you work hard you’re going to get a lot out of Virginia Marti. I was fortunate enough to land a job six months before even graduating. Sometimes I felt a little intimidated by the work-load but looking back, I couldn’t be happier with the challenging teachers.


Debb Grubiss, 2005
Graphic Designer
Tranzonic Companies

Working in a deadline driven environment and managing multiple projects can be challenging, but Virginia Marti College gave me the tools, professional attitude and work ethic to be a successful graphic designer. VMCAD puts you into an environment where you learn not only the skills you need in the real world, but how to manage your work flow and deal with tight deadlines. I believe no other school prepared me better than VMCAD.


Andrew Creter, 2002
Detroit Studios

“VMCAD provided me with a solid foundation to build my design career upon. From the beginning my instructors emphasized developing technical skills and that helped me immensely. With the knowledge they shared and guidance they provided I gained the ability to execute and communicate creative concepts effectively.”


Noaa Bengiat, 2007 
Antartica – Tel Aviv,  Israel

My experience at VMCAD was unforgettable and one of the most valuable in my life. With an open-minded, advanced and attentive teachers, staff, and administration, I was able to receive the best possible education that has proven itself time and time again throughout my career. The unique attention that I received from my teachers is the reason that I have a great foundation for my profession. This foundation is the basis for success. I co-own a design firm that was founded in 2007 and serves high profile customers globally. This could not have happened if it wasn’t for the knowledge that I had acquired in VMCAD. Thank you!


Gina Scordos, 2004
Graphic Designer
Foundation Children’s Products

The best part of attending Virginia Marti college was their commitment to cultivate my creativity. The teachers and staff were very encouraging and helped each student to refine and explore their unique creative abilities and talents. Virginia Marti allowed me to naturally excel and progress towards a creative career and be amply prepared to achieve my goals. Thank you Virginia Marti!


Ryan D’Agostino, 2006
American Greetings Interactive
Web Developer

In more ways than I could have hoped.  Every class I took has played a role in my career.  Learning how to sell yourself during the interview, basic design principles, color theory, design & layout.  Every class is key in becoming a successful designer.



“My time at VMC shines among the best times of my life. When I started, I wasn’t sure I had the skills to become a graphic designer. I was coming from a background without software skills, and I was also lacking in other areas (Art Fundamentals really made a difference). I feel that the instructors were both…”
– Kimberly Roth Graphics Coordinator at Penton Media
Graphic Design 08’
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