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Interior Design Classes at VMCAD – Curriculum

As a top interior decorating school in Ohio, the Interior Design program at Virginia Marti College of Art and Design trains students to develop a complete understanding of three-dimensional space, and its form and function.

The interior design curriculum coursework focuses on the essential and critical components of the design process: drawing, drafting, color, design, and the fundamentals of space planning and perspective.

The Virginia Marti College of Art & Design allows students to develop and refine their artistic skills through:

  • A structured and comprehensive design curriculum
  • Focus on the aesthetics and practicality
  • A highly creative environment
  • A complete sample library
  • Research references
  • Technology growth
  • Small class sizes
  • Individual attention

Interior Design Brainstorming

Interior Design Drafting

Students examine a variety of residential and commercial projects that grow in complexity as they advance in each class. Student designers are trained to solve visual and practical problems of space, while observing safety, usability, comfort and aesthetics.

Real world experience is gained through a hands-on approach to each interior design class, as well as internship opportunities and community projects. Through these projects, students cover commercial and residential planning and design, as well as project specifications, materials and construction details, and market realities.

From introductory classes in interior design to architectural drafting and the history of art, VMCAD offers a wide-ranging curriculum. The courses culminate in each student completing a thesis project. This is an opportunity for them to use their development, technical, and space and scale skills while heading up their own projects. Each is presented to a review board of professionals, allowing students to continue interactions and experience with real world interior design.


Program Outline

First Quarter

Math I – G143 – 3 credits

English I – G101 – 3 credits

Introduction to Interior Design – BID152 – 3 credits

Basic Color Theory – B103 – 3 credits



Second Quarter

Architectural Drafting – ID104 – 3 credits

Design Fundamentals – ID112 – 3 credits

History of Arch. Interiors I – BID115 – 3 credits

English II – G102 – 3 credits

History of Art I – G160 – 3 credits


Bible History: Old Testament – G163 – 3 credits



Third Quarter

History of Art II – G161 – 3 credits

Bible History: New Testament –  G164 – 3 credits

Photography – B144  – 3 credits

Social Science I – Interpersonal Communication – G221 – 3 credits

History of Furniture and Decorative Arts – ID210 – 3 credits

Rendering I – ID128 – 3 credits



Fourth Quarter

Lighting – ID269 – 3 credits

History of Arch. Interiors II – BID116 – 3 credits

Space Planning I (Residential) – ID222 – 3 credits

Rendering II – ID129 – 3 credits



Fifth Quarter

Social Science II – Organizational Behavior – G222 – 3 credits

CAD I – ID391 – 3 credits

Interior Design Studio I – ID261 – 3 credits

Space Planning II – ID221 – 3 credits

Space Planning II (Commercial) – ID223 – 3 credits

Textiles – ID130 – 3 credits



Sixth Quarter

Economics – G260 – 3 credits

CAD II – ID392 – 3 credits

Interior Design Studio II – ID262 – 3 credits

Materials and Methods – ID250 – 3 credits



Seventh Quarter

CAD III – ID393 – 3 credits

Interior Design Studio III – ID263 – 3 credits

Building Systems – ID217 – 3 credits

Principles of Business – B211 – 3 credits

Business Law – B210 – 3 credits



Eighth Quarter

CAD IV – ID394 – 3 credits

Interior Design Studio IV – ID264 – 3 credits

Portfolio Preparation for ID – ID282 – 3 credits

Entrepreneurship – B224 – 3 credits



“After graduating from the Interior Design program, I fielded multiple job offers before accepting my current position with Lee Meier Interiors. My education not only made me extremely marketable to potential employers, but truthfully prepared me to work as an individual in the real world of design.”

Christopher Randall, 2011 Showroom Manager, Lee Meier Interiors
“I learned so many invaluable skills from VMCAD in such a short time. The second I stepped out into the career world I not only felt prepared, but confident that I would be able to provide any employer with what they were looking for in a designer. I felt as though the professors always went above and beyond to make sure each and every student was up to speed and getting the help they needed to succeed. I always felt encouraged to be myself and utilize my own personal style and strengths in every project I was given. I always recommend Virginia Marti to anybody who is looking for a career change or express interests in any design field – the level of education and experience you gain is simply unparalleled.”

Kinsley Funari, 2010 Project Designer, National Office
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