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Our Grads

Lauren Freeman, 2008
Elizabeth Rock Designs

Elizabeth Rock Designs, a new interior design firm, is bringing “green” design to the healthcare and assisted living community. With ten years of experience the founder, Lauren Freeman, is creating comfortable, eco-friendly, fully functional and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Retirement of the aging baby-boomer demographic has contributed to the increased amount of renovation and new construction of assisted living facilities. According to Freeman, “Antimicrobial finishes, ergonomics and sustainable design have all become staples in the healthcare community. And with the advances in today’s technology, products and materials have improved in both quality and cost.”

Administrators are now able to enhance the lifestyle of their patients while contributing to or preserving the environment. Says Freeman, “it reduces operating costs, generates tax breaks and promotes a safer work-place for employees. Its just good business.”

The firm offers consulting, design, selecting, purchasing, managing and staging services for its clients. In Ohio, Freeman has done design work for “Anna Maria” of Aurora, “The Weils” of Bainbridge, “Brentwood Healthcare Center” in Sagamore Hills and “Grace Hospital” in Cleveland.

Sin-Jin Satayathum - Featured Interior Design Graduate

Sin-Jin Satayathum, 2009

When it comes to downtown Cleveland, there is no more up-and-coming hang out spot than East 4th street. And one of the street’s newest additions is the Greenhouse Tavern, an environmentally conscious restaurant that makes classic recipes using locally-grown ingredients.

Virginia Marti’s own Interior Design graduate Sin-Jin Satayathum designed the interior of the Greenhouse Tavern. From the layout of the space to light fixtures and color schemes, Sin-Jin headed up the design of the restaurant. And he credits VMCAD with giving him the skills to tackle such a large-scale and very public project.

Click Sin-Jin’s photo to watch his story and get a tour of the Greenhouse Tavern

“If you treat your time at VMCAD as on-the-job training, you have the right frame of mind,” says Sin-Jin. “The Interior Design program at VMCAD is well-rounded and efficient. It is a lot of material in a very short time, but it pushes you to give your all.”

Sin-Jin continues to work on the Greenhouse Tavern’s plans to construct a three-season rooftop dining terrace and urban greenhouse. He hopes to work more with architecture firms focused on sustainability. Sin-Jin believes in the education he received from VMCAD. “My choice to go to VMCAD was the result of me making a huge decision to change my career and my life. This was my second degree, so it really meant a lot- every day, every project.”

Amber Geib - Featured Interior Design Graduate

Amber Geib. 2009

Creating comfortable, peaceful spaces for people to live in is what Amber Geib says brings her the most inspiration. She simply loves creating for people. At VMCAD, Amber took advantage of the opportunities to get involved with internships and freelance work. “Without experience you have nothing,” Amber says. “But it was really nice I got to explore those avenues through the school and they provided those avenues for me to work with.”

Click Amber’s photo to watch a video about her story

Amber always knew she’d use her creativity in some way to design. But after high school, she was scared to go after her dream. Now she’s done with her degree at VMCAD and she says she loved the entire experience. “The instructors are professionals in their fields and they give you the tools you need to become a designer. Now that I’m out there working as a professional, I couldn’t imagine anything else I’d want to do.”

Brian Weltman, 2006
Interior Designer/owner
Re+Hab – Retail Habitats

After college, many people ask, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” I always thought of that to be a generic yet tough question that I would vaguely answer “Starting my own design firm”. I never really thought it was possible or knew how to go about it, but after 5 years of working in the design field, I find myself doing exactly that: Starting my own design firm.

Jill Pietrocini, 2010
Interior Designer
Fluff and Stuff

My time at VMCAD was amazing. I was treated as a professional in my field from the first day, which motivated myself and other students to gather invaluable knowledge from skilled instructors. The collaboration among students and teachers was unique. My experience fully prepared me for the professional interior design industry, of which I am now a part of.

Myla Lowman, 2007
Inside Sales
Marble and Granite Works

I enjoyed being a student at Virginia Marti. The hands on instructors, convenient location and scheduling options helped make my career transition almost seamless.

Rachel Brady
Interior Designer
Noble Passage – Madison, Alabama

Choosing to go to VMCAD was the best decision I made. The school is wonderful the professors are so hands on and knowledgeable….They become more than just a teacher, more of a mentor and someone to look up to! The small class sizes and personal attention I believe is what makes the college so successful along with producing extremely talented and successful graduates. I graduated in 2004 and have been in my field ever since and I owe it all to VMCAD. Thanks.

Zakiee Labib, 2007
Divine Dwelling

You know when you are asked what you want to be when you grow up, well I always loved Interior Design and to be able to attend Virginia Marti was truly the push I needed to have that become a reality. VMCAD made me hone in on my skills and excel in my art. The professors were there to push me to be my best and create my best. I can honestly say that I am in a career that I love and running an Interior Design business that I know would have never happened without my education from VMCAD.



“After graduating from the Interior Design program, I fielded multiple job offers before accepting my current position with Lee Meier Interiors. My education not only made me extremely marketable to potential employers, but truthfully prepared me to work as an individual in the real world of design.”

Christopher Randall, 2011 Showroom Manager, Lee Meier Interiors
“I learned so many invaluable skills from VMCAD in such a short time. The second I stepped out into the career world I not only felt prepared, but confident that I would be able to provide any employer with what they were looking for in a designer. I felt as though the professors always went above and beyond to make sure each and every student was up to speed and getting the help they needed to succeed. I always felt encouraged to be myself and utilize my own personal style and strengths in every project I was given. I always recommend Virginia Marti to anybody who is looking for a career change or express interests in any design field – the level of education and experience you gain is simply unparalleled.”

Kinsley Funari, 2010 Project Designer, National Office
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