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By | January 17, 2012

VMCAD Student DVD Design

VMCAD Student Morgan Whitam’s DVD Design

“A lot of people think of school as being difficult but when you go to school for something that you really enjoy doing, and for something that you’re incredibly passionate about then you really enjoy going to school, which is how I feel. I always look forward to coming to school and walking into my classes because I enjoy what I’m attending school to do with my life. I know each class is helping me prepare myself for my future.” – Morgan Whitam

VMCAD Equality Design

VMCAD Student Morgan Whitam’s Equality Design

“Well my experiences at the school thus far have been absolutely great. All the staff are super friendly and will always say hello to you when they pass you in the hall. Although I have only been at the school for four quarters now and my experiences here are almost finished, I have to say that picking to attend VMCAD was by far the greatest decision I ever made in my life. I know that when I leave the school I will be prepared to go out and face the ‘real world’ as it is known by many because the school is preparing me to do that with the classes that I am taking and with all the classes that are offered for a student to take. I also enjoy the fact that the teachers themselves are always giving you the help that you need in order to make your project the absolute best that they know it can be.” – Morgan Whitam


Alex Rockwell Costume

Original Costume by Alex Rockwell

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