Digital Media Program

Do you find yourself writing, directing and filming your own amateur movies or videos for YouTube? What about creating animated characters on your computer or dreaming-up better website designs than the ones you’re seeing online right now? The digital world could be your game-changer, and Virginia Marti College of Art and Design has the digital media program you need. Digital media artists tell visual stories, design websites and create visual content for the video, Internet and digital industries.

Today’s fast-paced business, advertising and marketing companies – and individual creators – need to stand-out from their competitors. Digital media is the solution. Talented artists are needed who possess the technical savvy to design, develop, animate and film to tell the stories that matter. 

When considering a digital media college, consider Virginia Marti College in Lakewood, Ohio. VMCAD’s Associate of Applied Science Degree in Digital Media program integrates three disciplines:

  • Film/video production
  • 3D animation
  • Interactive media

We also present the fundamental theories surrounding visual communications and mass media – to equip today’s students to become tomorrow’s creative producers of digital content.

Concept Development is the cornerstone of our Digital Media degree. A strategic sequence of classes enables students to create a short film/video, 3D animation or interactive media project throughout the two-year program. You can complete your degree of 108 credit hours in eight quarters, or 24 months – all at our Lakewood, Ohio location.