Our Grads

Bryce Taylor - Digital Media Featured Graduate

Bryce Taylor, 2009
Interactive Media Developer 

Blackbird Interactive

Bryce Taylor graduated from VMCAD in March of 2009. He is currently working with Blackbird Interactive, an interactive design studio in Mayfield Heights.  Bryce provides digital solutions to their clients by creating interactive flash applications and intuitive websites. Bryce’s capstone project at VMCAD was to redesign Think Media Studio‘s website. This doubled as both a real life job, and his final project.

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Kyle Harlan, 2010
Designer & Editor

Flique Creative LLC.

I started out at a traditional four-year university, but found myself discouraged by their outdated view of the design industry. VMCAD not only fosters more relevant and cutting edge areas of study, but encourages you to be proactive in finding something new. The school is a great place to make professional connections, and they offer hands on experience by actively connecting students with real world opportunities.


Brad Burke, 2010
Graphic and Video Designer

Hyland Software

While entering my final quarter at Virginia Marti College I landed an internship at Hyland Software in Westlake. Although I felt confident in my abilities at this point, I was still very nervous at the sheer size of the company. I remember sitting in the lobby of Hyland thinking about how I had gotten to this point. I reached down and started reading the Crain’s Cleveland Business Magazine awaiting my tour of the facility. I had just finished a video for Crain’s prior to coming to Hyland. That’s when it hit me, and I realized that this was it. Everything I have ever worked for, and everything VMCAD had supported me in was riding on me now. Those two years spent at Virginia Marti were a real eye opener into the world and the experience needed to succeed. Without attending Virginia Marti College I don’t think I would have developed both the mind set, and skill set that I have now. As I sat there pondering, my tour guide had arrived and I followed her down the corridor to Hyland’s main atrium, and to my future.


Stephen Mlinarcik, 2008
Freelance Video Producer

The incredibly personal attention and conveyed interest from the staff, matched with the quality of the education I received, created nothing short of a revelation for the abilities I could garner, the goals I could complete, and the confidence with which I could approach any situation within my field. VMCAD offers not just an entirely relevant method of teaching and degrees, but an interactive experience that transcends the classroom.


Ralph Miller, 2009
Independent Videographer


One of the many reasons I love going to VMCAD is because the structured class size was small, which allowed the teachers to actually spend time with each student with any questions or problems that they had. Plus it helped that they actually cared and would make sure you understood everything. I also liked the fact that there wasn’t several different teachers. Every faculty member at the school knows exactly who you are and were very friendly. Most of the teachers I still have contact with on a personal and professional level since graduation.


Scott Freeman
Web Developer


Virginia Marti College provided me the tools and training to take my ideas and make them a reality. I’ve always been into web development, but the Digital Media program at VMCAD took my skill sets to a whole new level. Now I can do video, 3d animation, flash animation, and have a great understanding on how a project evolves from start to finish.