Fashion Merchandising Program

Fashion Merchandising Degrees for Visionaries

If you’ve always loved fashion and often dream up new products, promotion events, and interesting ways to show and sell products, fashion merchandising could be your haute couture. Fashion merchandisers take ideas and turn them into reality.

When you’re shopping for fashion merchandising schools, know this – The Associate of Applied Business Degree in Fashion Merchandising program prepares students for the multi-billion dollar global industry of retail fashion marketing. The VMCAD College in Cleveland, Ohio develops our students to be successful in the 21st century marketplace with a skill set that incorporates an entrepreneurial spirit. They develop critical thought processes and innovative ideas. Students learn from experiential learning, visiting industry leaders, and a faculty of working professionals who understand where theory meets reality in the workplace.

Our program offers a curriculum that develops students’ awareness of the fashion merchandising careers and opportunities that exist beyond fashion apparel design itself. The Fashion Merchandising program features 108 credit hours that can be completed in two years or 24 months.

Learn about our Fashion Merchandising curriculum and read about the successful graduates of our Fashion Merchandising program in Ohio.