Graphic Design Program

Graphic Design Degrees for Creatives

Have you always loved drawing & sketching, working with type and color, and expressing your thoughts through art and design? Or maybe your family and friends are always asking you to design a logo, poster, band flyer, or blog layout for them. If these describe you, the world of graphic design is probably calling your name.

It’s an explosive time in the field of visual communications. Mobile technologies and global culture demand that information be more innovative and effective than ever before. Today’s media is more about imagery and less about words – we just don’t have the time, and we need to say more with less. It’s a graphic designer’s responsibility to create strong brands that visually express dynamic creative campaigns for clients. Good designers deliver information that is concise, effective, and engaging to its target audience across all media.

Among graphic design schools, VMCAD College’s Associate of Applied Business Degree in Graphic Design program enables students to use industry-standard software and current technology in digital print production. They create projects that mirror real-world processes and deadlines. VMCAD in Ohio has a handson curriculum that helps students hone their design and time management skills. The client‐driven focus of the graphics industry is not only understood but incorporated into the students’ own creative processes. During this two‐year period, students have several opportunities to work with real clients in an effort to develop their interpersonal and creative design skills – essential parts of working as an artist in the business world.

The Graphic Design Program also recognizes and embraces the entrepreneurial mindset, teaching our students to overcome challenges and work hard in order to realize their goals. This VMCAD program features 108 credit hours that can be completed in eight quarters or 24 months.

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