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Virginia Marti Graphic Design students are hard at work building their portfolios while pursuing degrees. Check out our graphic design art gallery below to see what we’re capable of.

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Previously Showcased Graphic Design Portfolios

In their very last quarter before they graduate, Graphic Design students prepare a portfolio of all of their best work they’ve completed.  Each quarter we will feature students portfolios on this page to showcase their amazing talents.

Jesse Jusek

Creating my portfolio has been the culmination of my entire experience here at Virginia Marti College of Art and Design. When I began going through my work to decide just what pieces I would include in my portfolio, I realized that I had a lot of projects to choose from. This was only possible because of my tremendous efforts and my inclusion in nearly every opportunity that has presented itself to me. By keeping true to the mindset introduced to me in the beginning of my college career, I developed my own disciplines that allowed me to become the type of person I have always strived to be.

Sounds nice don’t it?

The truth is that getting there wasn’t easy. Most of the time I didn’t really know what I was doing I just “Looked while I leaped”. I encountered a number of failures as I grew and I discovered that failure is just another way to learn and I learned A LOT! If you are going through life without any challenges then you must be doing something wrong. My experiences have shown me that when you are on your way to achieving something truly great, you will be met with some sort of obstacle that will put you through some sort of hell to, help you appreciate your accomplishment.

It’s important to understand that in any endeavor you have an unlimited amount of potential and the only way to find out what you are capable of is by taking action. The actions that you take will be determined by how much you truly care about what it is that you are doing which, is an undeniable truth of life.

Jesse’s Portfolio

Check out Jesse’s Portfolio HERE

Janet Simonovich

It is not your ability as a designer that will set you apart from the rest at Virginia Marti College of Art and Design. There are plenty of good designers out there. There are plenty of undiscovered artists. You may be one of them. But you will remain just that, undiscovered, if you don’t put forth the effort to make it happen.

Here at Virginia Marti the graphic design “real-world/real-client” opportunities were endless for me. I made it clear I was interested, by taking advantage of every “real-life” client opportunity that was presented to us. Once I was given that opportunity, I made it even more clear that I was the one to contact in the future by showing up well prepared, on-time, every time.

As a result, by the time I completed the Graphic Design program, I walked away with three future individual clients, as well as many other design projects credited to my name such as a national banner campaign for Habitat for Humanity ReStore, a series of Media Marketing Kits for Cleveland Magazine and an opportunity to rebrand the annual American Advertising Federation Cleveland/Plain Dealer Communications Career Day event.

Creating your portfolio, a visual representation of yourself, your brand, your talent, should not be a difficult task if you have done what you needed to do – and then some – over the past two years. If you have, your only challenge will be deciding what to put in it because you will have so many great pieces and “real-life” projects. Ending up with a portfolio that demonstrates what you are truly capable of is not magic; it requires talent, motivation, prioritizing your time and effort and a desire to present yourself as a professional with every given opportunity.

Janet’s Portfolio

Check out Janet’s Portfolio HERE

Justin Sobota

My experience at VMCAD was great. I made many new friends, met some great inspiring people, and gained a lot of experience in the professional field of graphic design. I learned so much in such a short period of time. Without VMCAD I would have not pushed my self to work harder. Thanks to the project deadlines and work evolved, I reorganized my routine and schedule to become productive and professional artists in my field.

Portfolio review was tough. You’re not branding an already existing company, yet you are developing a brand to represent you personally to market your talent. My mind is always changes and I look at old projects and figure out alternate ways I would complete or construct them. Even now I have changed my resume and portfolio 5 times and I’ve only been out of classes for 10 weeks. The class and the process really pushed me to dig deep and get my act together. I’m more of a chaotic structured designer as compared to a corporate designer. So to market myself to all companies I displayed my busy art pieces in a clean business like presentation to show that I am able to be bold and clean at the same time. In the end it really accented my projects in my portfolio.

My best tip for students coming in would be: don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do. No one is going to hold your hand and guide you to your dream job. Go out on your own and research every possibly way to complete your assignments. . Find inspiration and don’t ever follow some one else, be a leader, be an innovator, be trendsetter. Be a competitor. BE SOMEBODY!

Justin’s Portfolio

Check out Justin’s Portfolio HERE


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