Interior Design Program

Interior Design Degrees for Innovators

If you routinely rearrange your living space to explore its options and find yourself fascinated by furnishings, materials and lighting and their effect on mood, productivity and ambiance, interior design college could be the space where you belong. Interior designers combine different elements to create spaces with personal or professional personality.

While considering interior design schools for your future, consider this – VMCAD’s Associate of Applied Business Degree in Interior Design program in Cleveland, Ohio trains students to visualize and develop a complete understanding of three-dimensional space, as well as its form and function. Our Interior Design program features 108 credit hours that can be completed in eight quarters, or 24 months.

Students learn to create spaces that are practical, safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing; explore creative design; understand the foundations of business and professional practices; develop computer-aided design technology skills. They also learn how to solve problems of space, both visually and practically, while gaining knowledge of professional presentation techniques and technical skills. They can create imaginative and responsible solutions to interior design problems.  An understanding of appropriate material use, code requirements, universal design, and sustainability practices are also stressed and developed.  VMCAD’s interior design faculty teaches students how to communicate ideas visually and orally to their clients.

The VMCAD program culminates with successful completion of an individual student-selected senior project, which is intended to demonstrate the depth of skill and design capability. Senior projects are reviewed by a panel of professional guest critics.

By the time of graduation, students develop a final student portfolio and resume that supports success. They also learn to identify and obtain entry-level positions in the interior design field.

Learn about our Interior Design curricula and read about our successful graduates of the Interior Design program.